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More About Sex Therapy In The United Kingdom

What is sex therapy? Well, it is a talk therapy that has been designed for people where different topics are addressed that have a direct impact on the sexual satisfaction of the individuals. These topics range from medical, personal to interpersonal factors of different individuals. The ultimatum of this therapy is to help people overcome their past emotional and physical challenges to have a better and intense pleasurable sexual life. Everyone wants to have a fulfilling and healthy sex life but it isn’t possible for us all. 

How does our Sex Therapy in the United Kingdom work?

Well, this is just like any other psychotherapy. So, we encourage couples or individuals to talk about their worries, experiences, and feelings. After the client begins talking about all these various things, our sexologist will work around different coping mechanisms that help in improving your responses in the future so that you can have a hotter sex life.

So, during your initial appointments, we will start talking to just an individual or an individual along with their sexual partner. As the session proceeds, we will see that you are guided in the right direction to overcome your current challenge.

Every time you visit us, we will encourage you to push yourself towards better management and acceptance of all your worries that might play an important role in the dysfunction. You need to remember that sex therapy offers both an educational environment and full support to everyone that needs it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Sex Therapy

  1. Do you need a sexologist?
  2. Sometimes, you might not be aware that you need a sexologist. How can you figure it out? If you can feel that your emotional health and quality of life have been affected by your sexual dysfunction, then it is a good idea to go and visit a sexologist. Moreover, if you feel there is a lack of intimacy between you and our partner or you have difficulty in communicating with your partner, then you should start seeing a sex therapist.

  3. Who is certified as a sexologist?
  4. If you are looking out for a sexologist, then make sure they are certified as sex therapists. They usually are a licensed marriage and family therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or clinical social worker. But these professionals have to undergo extensive training in human sexuality to be accredited as a certified sexologist.

  5. How can you find a sexologist?
  6. If you are looking out for better and personal recommendations for a sexologist, then you can talk to your urologist or even gynecologist. They will have some references that they can provide you with.

    Also, you can do some internet research and find out better information from the web. Just make sure you get the authentic information. It is also very important that you check the online reviews given by the older clients of the sexologist that you intend to see.

  7. What type of sexual dysfunctions are treated by a sexologist?
    • Excessive libido
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Low libido
    • Inability to control sexual behavior
    • Unwanted sexual fetishes
    • Inability to reach orgasm


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