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sexologist doctor
best ayurvedic sexologist in karol bagh

Top Ayurvedic Sexologist in Karol Bagh - Hakim Ji Dawakhana

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Our Sexologists in Karol Bagh Helps in Treating Sex Related Problems

What do our sexologists help in?

Sexologists can be referred to health professionals or experts who specialize in the subject of sexology. Sexologists are considered to be experts in studying abnormal human sexual behaviors that prevent a couple from having a good sexual life. These abnormalities can be anything ranging from male impotency to female dissatisfaction. Whatever the reasons are, our sexologists are quite capable of studying such behaviors and then provide proper sex counseling and therapy sessions to fix issues related to sex. Our sexologists aim to improve any sex-related conditions so that couples can have a fruitful sexual life.

sexologist in Karol Bagh

How can you find the right sexologist near your place?

If you are from Karol Bagh and looking the get the best sex-related advice or counseling sessions, then contacting our professionals from your nearby place is the best thing to do.

You can easily find our contact information from the official website, and schedule an appointment. You can choose either to receive the therapy at home or will be asked to visit the nearest sexology center registered within our company.

There will be a certified sexology professional at the center who will tend to your problems according to the symptoms that you have informed about. These professionals are also equipped with additional treatments or medications required to treat certain conditions.


  1. What are the common symptoms during an abnormal sexual condition?
  2. Ans. Some of the common symptoms amongst either of the partners can be erectile dysfunction for males, uncomforted between the couples, compatibility issues, premature ejaculation, impotency, and others.

  3. When should you consult our sexologists?
  4. Ans. There can be various circumstances in an individual’s life when it comes to sexual problems. Most people tend to ignore these symptoms out of shyness, or fear of society, but it is advised that whenever you feel any sexual issues arising between the partners or one of the partners, you should consult our professional who might prove to help treat such symptoms. Our professionals also prevent the symptoms from getting worse if left unchecked or diagnosed for long.

  5. Why should you consult our professionals during sexual tensions?
  6. Ans. To take it as more of a healthcare issue than a sexual problem, if these symptoms are left unchecked may cause major problems in the future especially problems like infertility or impotency.

sexologist specialist in Karol Bagh

And this is why consulting out sexologists at the right times is extremely necessary. Our professionals are capable enough to deal with every type of sexual problem such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, improper sexual behavior, pain arising during or after intercourse and many other physical as well as mental issues.

Our sexologist is experienced enough to prescribe the right treatment to you, and the treatment can be based completely on therapy and exercise or ayurvedic medication. Adopting these ayurvedic methods will have no side effects on the body as these are completely made from natural ingredients. Moreover, the counseling session will help you gain more confidence during intercourse and also help you with your sexual orientation.


Hakim ji in a Meeting with Jawahar Lal Nehru

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Hakim Ji with Ex. Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ji

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Hakim Ji with Ex.Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ji

Hakim Ji with Ex.Prime Minister

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Hakim ji Receiving upkar chakra From Ex. Mayor of

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Hakim ji with Ex.President Giani Zail Singh ji