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Top Best Sexologist

Honey Moon Treatment / ´┐ŻUltimate Love Making

Honeymoon is the special and private holiday in which a young couple shares beautiful moments which sets a platform for life-long physical and psychological bonding. This is a experience of a lifetime.

Question:- Why go for this?

Ans:- This power packed package is highly recommended for those who wish to have multiple love making episodes in a single night.

This treatment is beneficial & helpful for: Increases the number of times the penis becomes effectively erect It smoothens the skin of the reproductive organ. This makes the penetration more pleasurable and helps in better lubrication It prolongs the duration of the lovemaking act and hence helps in creating a better experience for both the partners It helps in gaining stronger and more pleasurable ejaculations It increases sexual energy levels Relives anxiety before sexual performance Optimizes sexual desire and libido which helps in achieving harder, firmer erections and delays ejaculation time

***This redefines the meaning of sexual intercourse by taking it to a unimaginable level.

This treatment is beneficial & helpful for: It can easily be taken by patients suffering from: hypertension (blood pressure) any kind of heart diseases. any other kind of disease It can be combined with any other medicine (homeopathic / allopathic / ayurvedic / unani) that you are currently taking. Special Features: Fast acting formula Long lasting results

** This treatment is ayurvedic / herbal / natural & can be used over a prolonged period of time. Dosage: All these medicines should be taken with water only. Precautions:

Do not consume milk after sunset Try to minimize the intake of oily & spicy food. For patients who consume alchohol- Medicines can be taken before or after a Gap of 1-2 hours after the consumption of alchohol.

Call and Whatsapp No : +91-9810412333