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sexologist doctor

Question::I feel very tired and do not get instant excitement in my Penis when I go for sex with female. Kindly suggest me any Ayurvedic Medicine. Ravi, Faridabad, Haryana . Ans: We have made specifically for instant result also for enlargement of Penis, which is v

Ans::Do Ayurvedic medicines have any side-effects ?, Ramesh, Delhi Ans: All our Ayurvedic medicines are made with the natural herbs. They are very safe. There are no side effects when the drugs are used properly.

Question::I am Kunal from Ghaziabad. I would like to know when I talk with female or see sexy scenes, I feel some semen ejaculation. Please advise is there any medicine which can help me out from this problem. Kunal, Ghaziabad.

Ans::We have made a good combination of Heera Bhasma with rare herbs which is very much effective medicines for this problem and you should take this ayurvedic treatment.

Question::Can allopathic medicines be taken with Ayuvedic medicines? Rohit, Delhi.

Ans::Yes, Ayurvedic medicines can be taken along with medicines of any other pathy. It does not effect the power of any other drugs and vice versa.

Question::Can I get medicine via COD in India?

Ans::Yes, You receive sexual medicines via Cash on Delhivery at your doorstep within India only.