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How to have a great sex life even after menopause?

Dated: 28 Nov 2020

Is it possible to Have safe Sex Life even after having menopause? 

According to studies, most couples face problems due to the menopause of their female sex partners. It happens due to the low libido levels in women after menopause. Menopause does not affect women physically, but it weakens them mentally too. Some women feel that their partners no longer desire them to have sex or think that their sex life is also over. But the truth is women can still enjoy sex with their partners as they did enjoy before menopause. We cannot deny that menopause affects women's sex drive adversely, and they are less interested in having sex after menopause. But there are many types of research done that talk about the numerous health benefits of being sexually active after menopause. Here are some suggestions which women must keep in mind to continue a great sex life even after menopause:

1. All the sex-related problems can be cured:

Women after menopause become less responsive to sex drives and hardly arouse to have sex. The blood supply to the vagina decreases due to the decrease in Oestrogen hormone levels. This results in painful sex and vaginal dryness. But these problems can be cured and should not become a hindrance in your sexual life.

2. Don’t ignore your sexual life; it matters:

With increasing age, you feel less attracted to your partner, and the willingness to have sex is also reduced. You start ignoring your sex life, and intimacy also affects you. This may cause stress in your relationship also. So, never let your age or menopause affect your sexual life. Give time to each other and bounce back to great sex life.

3. Keep your body healthy, and your sex life will get normal:

Aging affects your physical health and mental health. With age, the walls of the vagina become stiffer and thin, which results in painful sex in women during old age. The suffering can be reduced by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping good health. Good health of women in older age reduces the sex-related problems.

4. Discuss the issues of your sex life with your partner:

A healthy discussion on your problems about sexual life and menopause with your partner is a must. Some women take the menopause changes so personally that later they face mental turmoil and even depression. So, be quick to open up about everything and anything related to your sex drives and menopause problems to your partner. You both may seek the help of a sexologist.

5. Accept the menopause and go with the flow, happily:

It is said that age affects the attractiveness and sex life of women badly. With age, the women feel less attractive, and their desire to have sex also gets low. But in reality, it is not valid. You must take this menopause as a new beginning of life and embrace yourself. Think about positive things and maintain a healthy lifestyle to experience a great sex life even after menopause.

It is very important to have that ‘Acceptance’. Once you be true to yourself and accept your situation you would have already won 50% of the battle. The next 50% off is, to make amends and take action. So, what that you have been the victim of menopause, which is a very natural process and every woman goes through it. You can always keep your sex life active and fun if you are clear with your mind.

Make some plans with your better half, do things which you both have never tried and get on to this adventure, which we sure will help you to enjoy your post-menopause sex life.