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How can I increase my sex drive and libido?

Dated: 05 Dec 2020

Low Libido: Good Sleep, Proper Nutrition and 4 Other Tips for Improving Sex Drive Naturally

The arrival of COVID-19 has caused drastic changes in our working patterns and lifestyles. Whether its after-effects are a boon or a bane is still under debate. Obviously, for many, this year was like a vacation to spend time with family. For many couples, too, it worked as a catalyst to strengthen their compatibility and relationships.

But still, when you look deep into it, you can feel the changed scenario of salary cut-offs, layoffs, and working-from-home. Indeed, it has affected your psychological balance, physical strengths and abilities, economic situations, and not to leave out your sexual health condition. 

Things like work-from-homes have overloaded the schedules with work burden and mental stress. Responsibility and accountability have been increased for every individual. This can disrupt your mental health, which will eventually result in problems like mood swings and intercourse pain, along with vaginal dryness in women.

With the current problems like these, now the limelight falls upon “libido”-or sexual desire is more common. The point of discussion here is how to boost up your libido through natural processes.

As your psychological state has a lot of impact upon sexual health and libido, the first and foremost advisable step is to lower your stress. Lowering stress levels reduces the chances of many physical issues. Better sleep patterns, a balanced and nutritious diet, and some regular exercise help enhance your sex drive.

Natural Ways of Improving Sex Drive:

Strengthen Relationships:

The first step to lowering your stress levels is to make your relationship stronger with your partner. You have to be compatible and more communicative with each other.

Try to spend quality time between yourselves. Go for vacations or plan date nights, keep on doing activities you enjoy the most, and cook food for each other. Be communicative and open. These are the most critical steps in improving your sex drive.

Nutritious Diet:

An improper diet can deteriorate your physical health, thus affecting your mental and sexual wellness. An unbalanced diet causes obesity or diabetes, which in turn may cause erectile dysfunctions.

So, a balanced diet with appropriate nutritional values is recommended to keep yourself fit. Oysters, ginger, and dark chocolates are useful items to boost libido.

Proper Sleeping Pattern:

The brain releases sex hormones like Testosterone and Estrogen. The production rate of these hormones is affected when the body doesn’t get enough sleep. This negatively affects sexual health. Sound sleep is required to boost mood and energy levels.

Quit Intoxication:

It may be smoking or alcohol drinks; every such toxic substance negatively affects the cardiovascular system. They act as depressants and dampen the mood, exponentially decreasing physical stamina.

Alive Seeds:

Otherwise known to be garden cress seeds or Halim seeds, these have been extremely useful for treating many medical conditions, including boosting up libido, says celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. These seeds are rich sources of iron, folic acid, vitamins A and E. Being related to mustard plants helps significantly improve your sexual drive.


The way one thinks about one’s body can impact how he/she thinks about sex. One must draw attention from flaws to abilities to have self-confidence.

All the methods advised above are generic and in no manner alternative to a qualitative medical opinion. Specialist consultation must be considered for a better explanation.

You should know one thing, that there is no one who was born without a sex drive, each individual has a hidden sex drive be it a man or a woman, and it is just on us how we see that sex drive. There are multiple ways as stated above to help you get that sex drive of yours.