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Home Remedies to Cure Vaginal Dryness

Dated: 15 Oct 2020

Many women, during their menopause stage, face the problem of vaginal dryness. It creates so much irritation and is painful sometimes. According to research, 75% of women go through this painful experience during their menopause. Dryness makes the vaginal area itchy and painful. It becomes difficult for them to bear the pain during intercourse due to extreme dryness in the vagina.

Due to dryness, the vaginal mucous membrane becomes thin and vaginal walls also lose elasticity, worsening the pain. In addition to this level of Oestrogen and Androgen hormones also go down. It leads to a reduction in moisture and lubrication in the vaginal area, and the result is vaginal dryness. But the good news is that vaginal dryness can be treated with simple home remedies. Here are some home remedies which you can use to treat vaginal dryness naturally:

1. Treat it with Aloe Vera gel:

The homely plant Aloe Vera is the best answer to curb skin dryness, including dryness of the vagina. Aloe Vera is enriched with moisturizing properties, and it boosts the synthesis of collagen. As collagen helps in the renewal of skin, you get the moisturized skin with Aloe Vera's use. Just take two teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel and mix them with milk. Always apply Aloe vera gel on the vagina's outer side. Use it daily to maintain the moisture of vaginal skin.

2. Vitamin E will be helpful:

The use can treat the symptoms of vaginal dryness during menopause of Vitamin E. It helps stabilize the oestrogen and helps in the proper metabolism of vaginal tissues, increasing blood flow. You can use the vitamin E oil to gently massage the dry area or open a vitamin E capsule and apply the extract to the vaginal area.

3. Coconut oil is going to solve the problem:

Coconut oil has Caprylic and lauric; these primary fatty acids provide great relief to dry skin. You can apply coconut oil to the vagina twice a day for great results. It has antioxidants that heal the skin as well as reduce inflammation.

4. Flax seeds will provide you relief:

Enriched with omega-three fatty acids, flaxseeds balance the level of oestrogen in the body. You can consume the flex seeds by adding them as a spice in your meals. The regular use of flaxseed will improve the lubrication, which will result in reducing the dryness in the vaginal area.

5. Eat Vitamin C enriched fruits and vegetables:

The maximum intake of vitamin C helps maintain the moisture of the skin and keeps the overall skin of the body healthy. You can maximize the intake of Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables like kale, oranges, kiwi, guava, broccoli, and strawberries have a good amount of vitamin C. Include these fruits and veggies in your diet to get relief of dryness of the vagina.
We all tend to take ultra care of our bodies, and there is no doubt about it, however, when it comes to our vagina, we take it for granted, or rather we ignore to take care of it. There are many women out there, who have been struggling with vagina dryness and woman tend to ignore it and move on with their lives. However, this is the biggest blunder we commit and we should take the problem of vagina dryness very seriously.

The area around the vagina is susceptible, and one uses very mild products on it, to avoid any allergy or side effects. What we suggested above are some home remedies that are natural and will have no side effects after their usage at all. Still, if vaginal dryness problem persists, better to consult the Sexologist or Personal health experts Nearby. Most vaginal problems occur due to sexually transmitted infections. Stay Safe, Stay Happy!!