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Can Working for Long Hours cause High BP in Delhi

Dated: 28 Dec 2020

Hakim Ji Delhi Sexologist,

Dr. Mahesh Shah Best Sexologist in Delhi,

Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Clinic in Delhi,

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According to recent research, it was found that peoples who are working for long hours are at high risk of High Blood Pressure than people who spend less time in the workplace.

But not all people are detected with High Blood Pressure; some of them are suffering from hidden high blood pressure, which usually doesn't appear on screening, which is known as "Masked Hypertension."

Many factors affect blood pressure, and for sure, one of them is Job as compared researchers found out that clerical level workers have a 23% of the risk of having high blood pressure and on the other hand, unskilled workers have up to 50% chances approx.

Even some researchers found out that you can have Hypertension for years without having any symptoms. However, when you are not aware of the disease, it can cause you to damage in the long run as it can almost destroy your blood vessels and cause you serious health problems like a heart attack or even a stroke. 

The excessive pressure on your vessel walls formed by high blood pressure can damage your organs and blood vessels. Also, it can create some complications, including:

  • Heart Failure - As long as the uncontrolled high blood pressure increases, it causes the heart to pump more challenging for you. The tight muscles of your heart slowly decrease the required pumping and will lead to heart failure.
  • Memory Trouble - The higher levels of unmasked Hypertension can also affect your ability to learn, think, remembering, and act performing specific tasks. The trouble with memory is the most common complication found in people.

So, it is recommended by the health practitioners for a regular check-up of your Blood levels and also keeps an eye on your Diet.

Here is some dietary advice that can help you to decrease the risk of having High Blood Pressure:

  • Consume more fiber - Adding fiber foods to your diet will help you lose weight and reduce your body's blood pressure levels and inflammation. So, it is recommended to eat more fiber for better blood pressure levels.
  • Add Magnesium to Diet - Magnesium-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, beans, etc., are beneficial for controlling your blood pressure levels.
  • Use Less Amount of Salt - Too much sodium, which is present in your salt, can cause the body to retain fluid, which automatically increases blood pressure in your arteries. So, it is advised to consume less salt in your diet.
  • Dash Diet - DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension; this Diet includes a limited amount of sugar and salt foods and a high amount of whole grain, fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. The DASH Diet is specially designed for people to cope with hypertension disease.  
  • Eat more Potassium - A good amount of potassium is naturally found in beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, etc., which helps to relax the walls of the blood vessels and lower your blood pressure levels.

There is a common saying which says ‘Anything in Excess is bad’, which means that we should be moderate in life and maintain ‘Balance’. However, the times today are different, and everybody is running in a rat race, and life has become fast pace. Hence, overworking or working for a greater number of hours has become a common practice. This not just affects the physical health of the people, but one does not realize the kind of mental pressure we are putting on ourselves, by not giving our mind the desired break it requires from constant thinking and working.