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Best Sexologist in Delhi, Gonorrhoea & Kissing, Hakim ji Delhi

Dated: 24 Dec 2020

Hakim Ji Delhi Clinic Sexologist in Delhi India,

Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana Best Sexologist in Delhi,

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Gonorrhoea is an infection caused by the sexual transmission of bacteria “Neisseria Gonorrhoeae,” which can cause harm to both males and females. This bacterium passes from one person to another by oral, anal, or even regular vaginal Sex, and it can also infect the cervix. 

Gonorrhoea most often attacks the warm and moist area of the body, including:

  • Urethra
  • Rectum
  • Throat
  • Eyes
  • Genital parts

This infection catches men more often than women, which creates challenging complications. Gonorrhoea can’t be spread by casual contacts such as sharing food, holding hands, or even sipping the same drink. According to the new research, both males and females can be infected through high intimacy, which usually starts from kissing to intercourse.

There are a lot of studies being conducted for this particular infection known as “Gonorrhea.” Some studies stated that people usually transfer from unprotected sexual activities with someone already infected with the infection. 

The main transmission of this infection is vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, or anal Sex. It can also affect your eyes if you made contact with the infected fluids. 

That’s why many sex experts recommend using condoms or any other ways of doing protected Sex as they will decrease the risk of the infection.

Some Australian Researchers found that kissing with tongue might increase the chance of spreading Gonorrhoea, especially among gays and bisexual men who were the central part of the research.

Another study states that the number of people who started their intercourse by kissing increases the risk of throat Gonorrhoea.

Also, they conclude that during sex partner’s penis was identified as the primary source of throat Gonorrhoea. 

According to the CDC, this infection increases by up to 67% from 2013 to 2017, a considerable number. Gonorrhoea is becoming a severe issue, as the number of cases is rising across the country.

Many Public Health Authorities are continually doing research and finding solutions for this infection. 

There are a few risk factors identified by researchers during the inspection. They found that women who are sexually active, even younger than 25, and men who have sex with other men are at high risk of catching Gonorrhoea. 

Other factors that contribute to the risks are:

  • Have Sex with new partners
  • Having a sex partner who had done with other partners
  • Unprotected Sex

How to Make Sure That One Does Not Transmit Gonorrhoea

In case you end up discovering that you have Gonorrhoea, then the first thing you should do is not ‘Panic’ or ‘Freak Out’. Gonorrhoea is a disease that can get cured and there is multiple tried and tested ways, of how you can prevent it to spread to others.

Firstly, you should tell both your past sex partner and the present one about your disease so that they can get it tested at the earliest. Make sure you do not have sex with anyone till the time your treatment is completely over, as there will be chances of you spreading the disease. 

Researchers continually keep an eye on the infection of Gonorrhoea even though they labeled it as kissing disease. An individual can transmit from their throat to their sexual partner’s penis or even vice versa, making the situation worse. 

Some health authorities suggested some best ways to prevent the spread of the disease. The best way to avoid this is to use a condom during sexual activities. Researchers also stated that people should be aware that even kissing can easily pass Gonorrhoea, and this infection doesn’t require regular sexual activities to get infected. They suggested that mouthwash can also come as prevention and can be followed by everyone.

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