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sexologist doctor

7 Sign You Need to Visit a Sexologist Right Now

Dated: 08 Aug 2020

Are you facing trouble in establishing excellent physical intimacy with your partner? If yes, then you surely should take immediate action. Know about the signs when you must consider while you visit a sexologist. A sexologist is a person when you are facing difficulties with your personal sex life and you want to seek immediate guidance.

Although in the earlier times, the concept of sexologist was not very known as people considered it to be a taboo and people were very secretive about it. However, the times have surely changed now, and people are more open now and are always looking forward to openly discuss such issues, as it is healthy.

Many people feel ashamed of talking about their sexual health. They avoid talking about their sexual incompetence, even with their partners. That's why sexual health remains confusing, and the sexual partners usually face the dilemma. It's high time that you become aware of your sexual health and take it a normal thing to visit a sexologist when you find any trouble with your sexual health. The sexologists are the doctors who deal with the sex-related problems and sexual health of men and women. In our society, it is not easy to talk about sexual health openly.

If you relate to these below-mentioned signs related to sexual problems, you must consider a quick visit to a sexologist.

1. You both lack physical intimacy:

Either just you or even your partner is not willing to have sex. And it's been a long time you had sex because you don't enjoy it and feel unsatisfied. A lack of regular sex life is an alarming sign to visit a sexologist.

2. You are not involved fully in intercourse:

Your less involvement in intercourse could be due to problems like vaginal dryness, painful sex, or premature ejaculation. These sex-related problems need proper medical treatment.

3. You are confused about your sexual identity:

When you are not sure about your sexual identity, it could make your sexual life in trouble. You may feel questioning yourself to choose your identity from either a woman or a man. It may be a medical issue which a sexologist can deal with.

4.  You prefer to do it alone than with a partner:

If you get excited by masturbating and not having sex with a partner, it may problem your relationship, health, and sexual life. It's an alarming sign that you must see a sexologist.

5.  You get those orgasm swings:

Your orgasm does not remain stable during the whole intercourse. Sometimes, you get too excited to achieve it early, and sometimes it becomes impossible to get, and you do not get the desired climax. If you face any orgasm swing problems, you need to visit a sexologist as soon as possible.

6. Your compatibly is not matching:

Your partner wants it done with different sex positions, and you prefer to have it in another way. It's the most common problem and a very compatibility issue. Yet, most of the time, you may trigger it by talking to your partner. If communication is not fetching you the desired compatibility, then visit your sexologist for a better solution.

7. You have so many sexual desires:

One side of your brain is always occupied with sexual thoughts. This may be a kind of sex addiction that could affect your work life and your relationship badly. The abnormal sexual desire can make your life quite complicated, and it needs to be solved with a sexologist's assistance.
Hence, you should immediately consult a concerned Sexual Health doctor, in case if you have felt any of the above-stated symptoms.