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Top Ayurvedic Sexologist in West Bengal - Hakim Ji Dawakhana

Consult With Ayurveda Sexologist In West Bengal

Sexology is an interdisciplinary scientific learning of human sexuality, covering sexual behaviors, functions, and interests. A sexologist in a simple term is a learned professional who concentrates on human sexuality.

There are several different ways that a sexologist can work, and numerous different spaces they may work in – for instance, in a clinical setting, in education, and research.

In other words, sexologist is an expert in a field of sexology,  typically a psychiatrist, well versed in numerous aspects of the human sexuality, right from the normal sexual growth to sexual orientation, dynamics of the sexual relationships and the sexual dysfunctions along with the disorders, such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual desire issues, and anorgasmia.

Ayurveda Sexologist

There is not a specific age for making necessary sexual attention. True, it is very likely to occur in or post-teenage years, but that’s that, one can’t do much about it besides consulting a sexologist. You may go for an Ayurveda sexologist. Several common issues like low libido, premature ejaculation, lack of desire, are a few of the major issues that could occur at any stage in life. A topmost  Ayurvedic sexologist is found across India and particularly here in West Bengal. We can help you all get rid of such problems by simply providing the right treatment and diagnosis.

Sexologist In West Bengal 

We Ayurvedic sexologists would suggest you all, the medication alone is not enough to cure you, people. Also, a change requires to be integrated into your lifestyle. An addition of a few of the exercises and a particular diet will go on to you get closer approaching to the cure.  Being a highly qualified and knowledgeable sexologist we will push you to bring a change into your daily routine so that the treatment may display results at a much quicker rate.

We go on to provide the best treatment for sexual issues. Treatment that we provide is a blend of the Swarna Bhasma and the natural ingredients, Heera Bhasma and Moti Bhasma. One may easily fulfill their partner's desire as we currently exist amongst the Top 10 Sexologists across West Bengal, with great experts who are qualified sexologists and are continually treating individuals for over several years.


  1. How The Treatment Or The Services Work?
  2. Our Shafakhana is a world-wide popular Shafakhana where patients stay continuously under expert guidance and are being treated. The medication is prepared as per the weather alongside the nature of a disease and after considering the position of a patient.

  3. How To Book An Appointment?
  4. All you need to do is just visit our website or you can simply reach out to us via a straight phone call.

  5. What Kind Of Problems Are Look After?
  6. Any kind of problems such as sexual dysfunctions alongside the disorders, like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual desire issues, and anorgasmia.

    Hopefully, this will help you all have a clear picture of what it’s like consulting to a sexologist. For more details, you may visit our link-