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How To Control Sexual Temptation In A Natural Way
Date: 17 Jul 2020

All it requires is an innocuous glance on the computer monitor, and you eventually discover yourself attracted to online porn. Or just a little teasing contributes to an intimate engagement that is extremely close to sexual touch.

Sexual motivation is everywhere over us, so we are motivated to give way to experiments.

While sexual urges and inclinations come up inside us at a really quick speed, we're looking for better alternatives to get a hold of them. Such remedies will not last long, though, since it is not feasible to regulate sexual impulses using a simple remedy. This needs a comprehensive comprehension, a great deal of flexibility, internal consistency, and, most significantly, a deep dedication.

"Prevention is easier than treatment"

By distancing oneself from its very events that give rise to desires during the first instance. In other terms, you cannot look at pictures, view photos, or read articles about something related to sex. When you participate in all of these behaviors, they induce a tenfold rise in sexual appetite, rendering it more difficult to regulate your urges.

Evite physical contact with individuals of the opposite gender and completely avoid them at all expenses. Discourage a circle of people or buddies who promote, or even joke about, sexual expression. You don't understand when you would consent to each other.

In relation, perpetuating sexual feelings and obsessing how you might cherish this will also start making your emotions better. Consequently, an individual should tread cautiously and not allow any sexual thoughts to persist for even more than one minute.

But how would you prevent those feelings or inclinations in the very first place? Analyzing and studying what sexual orientation is. This involves cheapening the attractiveness entity (i.e. the human, the mind, the body parts, etc.) to nothing. You may do so by talking of all the aspects in which gratification obtained from intimacy is only illusionary, not actual, and just fleeting. When you engage in any sort of sexual act, we seem to overlook how disgusting the body is.

Defense First Line

Once you've disassociated yourself from sexual orientation and evaluated that there is just no satisfaction in it, what should be done while you get sexual urges inside you?

This is indeed a collection of tips and techniques including how to handle sexual urges or inclinations as shortly as they emerge:

Disrupt the intercourse of sexual urges as early as possible. You could do this by altering your action, by modifying your attention, by having thought about a certain task.

The second some romantic impulses surface inside, cut it out quickly and chuck it out. The sex seedling is the one that would not consider leaving if it gets that little larger. Therefore, the instant it grows, this needs to fall out of its very origins.

Image the body with no skin. This isn't a pretty picture. This exercise is undertaken not to generate animosity, but to recognize and get a true view of the individual, such that we are not drawn to it.

If you are in small talk with someone who triggers sexual urges inside you, you will automatically turn away and adjust the internal visual connection. Anything else, the sexual plant must develop up. It is also possible to remove it by calling for unconditional forgiveness.

Ask forgiveness by performing pratikraman for the urges that are taking place now and those that have taken place before.

The ideas that emerge right nowadays are coming out of the node of sexuality that has been developed before. As this node has still not been taken away, the ideas will continue coming in certain forms.

Epididymitis - Affects The Male Reproductive System
Date: 08 Jul 2020

Epididymitis is a condition in the "epididymis" of the male reproductive part. Let us find out more about this part.

What is Epididymis?

The epididymis is a coiled long tube that starts behind each of the testes and ends up behind the ejaculatory duct. It is a curved structure behind each testis. It transports sperms from the testis to the duct.

What is Epididymitis exactly?

Epididymitis- affects the male reproductive system and it's a condition when the epididymis of the reproductive system has inflammation. This is caused by the bacteria or it can be transmitted sexually. In some adverse cases, not only the epididymis but the testis also get inflamed. This kind of condition is called "epididymal-orchitis". Generally, the cause of the problem and whether testes are inflamed or not can be identified.

The problem can be acute or chronic. It depends on the duration of the disease and its severity. This is a very common condition. In the USA, almost 600,000 new people face this problem every year. The causes of the disease are bacterial infection and STDs, this makes a very large population at the risk of this condition. People aged between 14-35 are the most vulnerable ones.


Causes of this condition can be many but the ones generally found are bacterial infection and STDs. Some other causes include twisting of the epididymis, urine flowing back, tuberculosis, injury to the groin, anatomical imperfections, bladder problems, kidney problems, etc.


Some of the symptoms include:

  • Pain in testes
  • Inflammation of testes
  • More frequent urination
  • Discharge from penis
  • Scrotum turning red
  • Pain in testes when they are raised
  • It burns when you urinate
  • Pain when you urinate
  • Swollen scrotum and warm scrotum
  • Traces of blood in the semen

Apart from these common symptoms, there can be some other symptoms too. If anything with the reproductive system does not feel right, it's better to consult a doctor.

Can this condition be avoided?

Prevention is better than to be cured and this condition can be prevented very easily. There are some common and easy preventions including:

  • Stay hydrated and drink enough water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice safe sex
  • Never hold your urine for long
  • Circumcision can reduce the risk

Apart from these precautions, following a simple routine and eating a healthy diet can help too.

What should you do if you have it?

Never do anything on your own. If you feel like you are facing these issues, the best you can do is consult a doctor and do as the doctor says. It is very highly recommended to avoid self-medication or self-treatment. Let a doctor diagnose the problem and guide you accordingly. In many cases when a person feels he is facing this condition is not facing it. The cause of the symptoms can be something else.

No condition can be very harmful. Everything can be cured. It is always advised to stay calm and just go to a doctor.

Some Facts Related To Ejaculation!
Date: 01 Jul 2020

Have you ever did things that you did not learn from your birth? The not-learned things that we do are the things that we have inside each of our cells before we are born. As living beings, we are all pre-programmed with some data in our DNA. These are the data that makes us truly who we are. Some data die out when unused for many years. Some stay as we keep using them. Some retain until we die. One among them which are inside each one of us and never goes off in a healthy one is the sexual feeling. When someone ejaculates, they feed their sexual feelings. It is much common in everyone and not an embarrassing topic to discuss. Let us know some facts related to Ejaculation.

Knowledge about ejaculation

Ejaculation need not be taught for a man. A healthy man knows how ejaculation works pre-programmed. It takes some scientific knowledge to know about it fully. Ejaculation can be achieved through stimulation. There are many ways to stimulate. The two most common ways are Masturbation and sexual intercourse. Either way, it gives immense pleasure when achieved. Stimulating the penis properly in any way ejaculation can be achieved. Some people consider ejaculation to be energy draining. Others ejaculate often in any way and enjoy this practice.

Myths about ejaculating frequently

There are many myths about ejaculating often. They mostly point towards masturbation. But masturbation and sex are almost similar. Our brains consider both as same and no different feelings or effects are observed. The only difference is that masturbation can cause ejaculation often and sex does not cause ejaculation often. Ejaculating often is socially considered a bad-mannered practice in masturbation. Some think that it causes their minds to change towards anti-social behavior. Masturbation is completely normal and the thought about it is a myth. It only gives the sexual feelings a break and doesn’t make it worse. Other myths include blurred eyesight, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, penis shrinkage, infertility, mental or physical illness, etc. In contrary to all these myths there are some health benefits for ejaculation.

The health benefits in ejaculation

There are plenty of health benefits due to ejaculation. Ejaculation helps in relieving stress and gives good sound sleep. It remains as an exercise and keeps the physical activity up. It prevents cardiovascular diseases. The frequency of the ejaculation does not affect the health benefits or cause any side effects. Ejaculation in sex has supported many studies that it has zero negative effects on the health of the body. All studies show only the good effects that ejaculation has. Getting to know about some facts related to Ejaculation is good for men to maintain their body health. There are many other health benefits in Ejaculation. There are other myths about ejaculation too. Eradicating those myths is also important to keep our health up. Since it is safe and good for health, talking about it is not an embarrassing topic. Let us share these facts with our loved ones to enlighten them and keep the myths away.

How To Improve Male Sexual Disorder Naturally?
Date: 24 Jun 2020

No doubt sex adds enlightenment to our lives. For leading a happy life, couples need to maintain their sexual life too. Inappropriate sexual life directly or indirectly affects your relationships. Thus, people who seek utter pleasure tend to fall for sexual activities too frequently and satisfy their desires. But this cannot be achieved every time as many sex-related issues can occur and unhappily most of the time it is with the men. We might have often heard about the sexual problems in men.

There are many issues such as delayed ejaculation, dry orgasm, erectile dysfunction, loss of male libido, premature ejaculation prolonged erection, sexually transmitted infections, etc. these issues are quite common in men but it is often hard for them to talk about. Of course, men want to improve their performance but before going for medicines and treatment try natural ways to overcome your sexual abilities. Let us discuss further.

What is male sexual disorder?

The male sexual disorder is something that can lead a man to fall weak in bed. Because of these problems’ men tend to lose their drive for sex. What’s the use of having fun in bed if it cannot provide you pleasure and satisfaction!

Causes of male sexual disorders

There can be many reasons for male sexual dysfunction. Listed below are both sexual and psychological reasons:

  • Low levels of testosterone
  • Intaking drugs like antidepressants and high blood pressure tablets
  • Hardening of arteries
  • Diseases like diabetes or nerve damage in surgery
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drug abuse

Some psychological reasons might include

  • Sexual performance concern
  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Sexual trauma
  • Stress as well as anxiety

How to improve male sexual disorder naturally?

Most of the sex-related problems in men are associated with ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction as well as the inhibited desire for sex. There is much natural treatment for treating all these;

  1. pay emphasis on the foreplay as it will arise a strong feeling of sex desire within your partner
  2. if you want your intercourse to long last go for the start-stop technique
  3. the passion and excitement for sex shouldn’t get low so try something new like roleplay or sex toys
  4. keep control on your stress and anxiety
  5. smoking can be harmful to good ejaculation. Try quitting it
  6. try sex therapy session
  7. pampering any relationship will work like magic in bed
  8. exercise is all you need to get it to work

Thus, I would like to wrap up with a very small statement that sexual problems are very common in men. A study shows that around 43% of the females whereas 31% of males are reported with some kind of sexual issue. It is an issue usually people are hesitant of but I would advise you to treat it naturally. The medical treatment does exist but the only danger involved in this is there might be adverse effects of the medicines sometimes. People have stated that curing through home remedies has helped them and a great improvement is shown.

Having A Stressfree Life Is No More A Dream - Top Best Sexologist
Date: 16 Jun 2020

Stress has become a part of life in the times of need, with the people getting busy and immersed in the job sector with the maximum of them having no energy left to continue with the work they pursue, hence making it a toxic trait in the everyday life of the people. The people need to deal with a lot of stress at a time like this, they can get serious health disorders with the given problems that they are facing with great difficulty, the people surrounding themselves with positive people also can get affected with the suffocation from the stress that they might have been carrying in their minds for a long time.

Why one gets stress

The stress is a very common aspect that has been prevailing in today's world, why does one suffer from the stress in everyday life for the people. With the work pressure grinding up on the people, they can get frustrated with the everyday nonstop grind. The stress can be too overwhelming for the individual and create chronic cases of depression for the people and the various nature that they draw from so the various reasons can get them into the conclusion of getting the best for the people so that they don't go through that pain again after experiencing the stress it stays as a scar until cured internally through the mind. The treatment should be natural and therapeutic for the people and a green retreat is required ti gene a stable mind.

The ways of treatment for the same

The various ways to deal with stress in the form of having a stressfree life is no more a Dream that is available for the user in the area of the natural treatments for the people require a little patience and time by the people. the ways to reduce the stress are-

  • The practice of yoga- yoga has been proved to calm down the mind by a great amount when done daily for 30 minutes every day, the stress can get reduced if one practices the friendly practice of yoga daily.
  • Getting a free with old friends- relaxing along with a person or an old friend and catching up on life and the various other stressfree aspects and find solace in the cute aesthetic cafes that there might be in the town. This can cheer up the user to a great deal.
  • Hit the gym- yoga is not everyone's cup of tea sop getting up and joining a gym can add a lot of stressfree elements in the area.
  • Socializing norms-socialize form brunches and dinners it can form a self-satisfaction norm for the user.
  • Try any hobby that is long lost- trying out the old hobbies.
  • Peaceful walking retreat.
  • Being more organized.


Having a Stressfree Life is No more a Dream and the best ways for the people to avail of the advantages of the user retreat programs that can allow the people to use up the good days stressfree.

Do Consult with Specialist if you are suffering from stressful sexual life, Visit Nearest Sexologist specialist in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, India

Yoga Improve Sex?
Date: 09 Jun 2020

A relationship is built on many pillars and the partners need to look after every pillar to make their relationship work. People find ways to show their love for their partners by doing different things. Just like an emotional connection, sexual connection, and intimacy holds great importance in a relationship. It brings them closer and takes away the stress and tension from the relationship.

What is the effect of yoga on your sex life?

It is a well-known fact that yoga helps in strengthening your body from the inside so that the stress building up is relieved from the body. People who are in a relationship can take advantage to improve their sex life by doing yoga. As there are different poses of yoga for different body parts, it can directly target the zones of your body associated with sex. The endgame of having sex with your partner is achieving orgasm which is very hard to experience for some couple. Couples having problems achieving orgasm can take the help of yoga because it directly affects the muscles involved during sex. A large part of people performs yoga because they want to make their body flexible which makes their body less prone to suffer injury and pain in their body. There is a direct relationship between flexibility and better sex life.

Why is sex important in a relationship?

Not every relationship considers sex to be an important thing. Studies have shown that sex brings two people closer and intimacy helps in building their relationship emotionally. When you have sex with your partner, your body releases a hormone that makes improves the level of happiness in your body. Every relationship goes through a rough patch where the partners can become distant from each other. The stress is relieved from the body when you have sex and improves the communication between the partners so that they can find a solution to their problem. When you see your partner getting satisfied and happy with your sexual performance, you become confident about yourself physically and sexually. With sex, comes intimacy that plays a very important role in making two people feel close to each other.

What are the health benefits of yoga?

For a very long time, people are engaging themselves in doing yoga so that they can have a flexible and healthy body. Apart from making your body flexible and fit, yoga has many other benefits that have encouraged other people to perform yoga themselves. There are different poses for targeting different body parts through yoga. It directly affects the muscles paining so that it can heal quickly. After an injury, yoga can improve the healing period and strengthens your muscles as soon as possible.

Not only physical benefits, but yoga also has mental benefits which have made it popular among people who are going through any mental illness. Yoga can help people have a clear and peaceful mind which decreases the stress building up in their mind. Yoga can be very effective for people who are looking for ways to calm their minds and become more concentrated towards their life.

Reason: Decrease Sexual Desire In Females
Date: 01 Jun 2020

With the changing environment, people are experiencing problems in their health which affects their work and relationships. In terms of sex, some women have lost interest in indulging themselves with sex. As compared to men, women experience more biological changes that elevate their mood every few seconds. This also affects their interest in participating in sex with their partner.

What is the cause of low sexual desire in women?

In a relationship, many factors affect the amount of sex happening between couples. In terms of physical factors, if there is a great amount of pain experienced by women during sex, the desire for sex becomes less. Any major history with your health can affect the desire for sex in women because they become aware of their condition and become afraid of damaging themselves physically. The outer factors like problems happening in your work life or your relationship can affect your interest in having sex. Some medicines have been stated to have a bad effect on the sex drive of women. Women are advised to not take certain medicines that harm their sexual life as well as your partner. Not only physical factors, but the sex drive of a woman can also be affected by their mental condition. People who have experienced any kind of mental illness are likely to have less interest in having sex. If any woman had any bad experience with past sexual encounters, they are likely to avoid having sex which affects their interest in sexual desire.

What are the signs showing low sexual desire in women?

The sex drive of a woman is not compared to the sex drive of their partner. Professionals have stated that no number can be used as the right amount of sex to happen between two people. Sexual activity does not mean only indulging in sex with your partner. Masturbation can also be counted as a sexual encounter. It is considered as a symptom when a woman does not want to participate in any kind of sexual encounter. When a woman does not want to be a part of any sexual activity, it is rare for her to think about any activity or sexual fantasy. As sexual performance plays a very important role in a relationship and in boosting the confidence of a person sexually, women who become too conscious about their performance can show signs of low sexual desire. This happens because they are not able to handle the continuous pressure of satisfying their partner.

After confronting the problem, women need to look for effective ways which can help them in boosting sexual desire in their body. In case of a physical factor, women should look after their problem first because that will directly affect the level of sexual desire by improving it. By consulting professional medical associates, women can get medical products like medicines or creams that can boost your sexual desire. In case of an emotional condition, a well-reputed therapist should be contacted who can help the woman in overcoming their mental illness and begin from a fresh point.

Overcome from different types of sexual issues by consulting the best sexologist in Indi
Date: 01 Jul 2019

Most of the sexual problems affect the lives of men. Did you heard about Human Papillomavirus (HPV), called a sexually transmitted virus which can severely affect the sexual parts of both the genders? It has been found that there has been a rise in a number of both the men and women who are getting suffered from this disease. If you are also one from them then it is time to consult the best sexologist in India. With the treatment on time, you can save your life.

Not most of the people know that sexual pleasures or intercourse can also lead to dangerous diseases along with other issues that can be a problem for health. Instead of living with these problems, it is better to take the advice of a sexologist. It is equally essential to know that sex means pleasure but oral sex can also lead to various health issues in both the genders. Instead of getting indulged in oral sex regularly, make sure to avoid it. If you want to live a healthy and happy life with your partner, make sure to enjoy it naturally.

There are already several factors like anxiety, stress, poor habits of eating and unhealthy lifestyle that takes a dig on your sex life. If you are getting any hints that there’s some kind of sexual issue which is affecting your married life then don’t wait more as it can make the situation worse. Look for the best sexologist in India who would help you to get rid of these situations. The major key to live a happy, healthy and satisfying life with your partner is to get the treatment done timely.


Book an appointment with Sexologist in Delhi for Sexual Problems Treatment
Date: 10 Jun 2019

If you have any Sexual problems then resolve them urgently. Getting intimate becomes easy when you have a healthy relationship with each other. However, if for some causes you are not able to resolve problems and think that situation is worsening each passing day then without having to waste your time you should consult a sexologist.

It is not important that impartial of which category of the sexual dysfunction you are facing from, all that matters is getting in touch with the doctor for the right treatment. There are several sexologists, providing treatment for the condition. The success of the treatment depends on the sexologist you are selecting. Approach to treatment varies from one doctor to the other. However, of all approaches, it is the psychological procedure is believed to be useful if the person has no organic reason leading to the problem of erectile dysfunction. In this process, sexologist provides psychological counseling and support for changing the behavioral condition of the patient.

Sex specialist of whole world strongly believe that sparing out time with each other builds up the strong connection between the couple. However, in today’s hectic and packed life, there are many couples out there who find it difficult to spare out even a few moments with each other. This creates a vacuum and distance between you two. Instead of taking out time for many other things, what you can do is just spare out time for each other enjoy the company. Communication is yet another important element which keeps you going through all phases of life. this is the most common reason for Sexual Dysfunction. You can easily find out about top sexologist in Delhi in the region by simply running an online find. Let your sexual life be what it was. Book an appointment to get the right and effective treatment or advice.


Reasons to visit Sexologist in Delhi – infertility Treatment
Date: 03 Jun 2019

Dealing with the infertility problem can be worrying for many male. Inability to conceive can be distressing for both male and female. In the last few years, many couples suffering from the problem of infertility have skyrocketed adding to the woes of couples. Infertility is no less than a curse. Delhi, the national capital, is home to some of the leading and famous doctors who can treat the condition. Choosing Sexologist in Delhi is extremely crucial for those male and female who are seeking the effective treatment for the same. There are many Sexologists who can help you in bringing home happiness.

Once you are able to identify the reliable and dependable doctor for treating the issue, ensure that you ask as many questions as possible to the doctors there. The more questions you are able to answer, the better for you. Ask them about all the possible solutions which can help you in treating the condition. Find out about the cost of procedure, their experience and their patients list. It is important for you to make sure that the clinic you are choosing is hygienic as well as clean. Never settle down for the doctor which is poorly maintained or dirty as it might lead to problems in future.

If it is the infertility Problems which is worrying you then all that you need to do is simply get in touch with the experienced and qualified Sexologist in Delhi. There is certain ayurvedic doctor which treats these types of infertility problems. There is very possibility that you might discover that the treatment that you have does include the price of fertility procedures. Hence the first step is to get in touch with the Sexologist Doctor, find out about the treatment options which are right for you and finding whether or not does your problems treatment includes the same.


Sexologist in Delhi – Ayurvedic treatment for Sexual Problems
Date: 28 May 2019

According to the medical science theory, it has been established that the primary reason for impotence in male is premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Those who do not have healthy reproductive system cannot make most of their sex life. If you are someone who lacks satisfied and happy sex life then you need to get the right treatment for the condition. If your reproductive system is bearing the brunt of any such disease then you cannot have a healthy sexual life. If you are one of those men who has any of the above slayed problem then consulting Sexologist in Delhi can help you revive sex life in a way like never before.

There is no denying the fact that market is flooded with plethora of medicines which are known for treating this problem. Of all medicines available in the market, nothing can be compared to the herbal medicines because of the benefits such medicines offer. Ayurvedic treatment for impotence is believed to be the best because it has no side effects. Medicks which are used are naturally available. There are many effective substances which provide in effective cure of the disease. Such doctors make use of roots as well as stems while preparing medicine for the patients. Other ingredients which they use to make these medicines all the more effective are fruits, vitamins and mineral oils. Also they use Ashwagandha which improves reproductive system.

If you are suffering any Sexual problems and looking forward for a herbal treatment then all that you need to do is get in touch with the Ayurvedic Sexologist in Delhi who will prescribe the treatment as per your condition. Herbal medicines can be the best for treating such problems. So, without waiting much, just look for the sexologist doctor providing herbal medicines for treating problems like premature ejaculation and impotence.


Sexologist in Delhi identifies underlying cause to provide effective treatment
Date: 20 May 2019

Life, as everyone know it, is a roller coaster ride. To make the most of it, you should always be up on toes. And, so is the case when it comes to sexual dysfunction. Staying fit sexually is most important for all and sundry. Over the years spanning a last decade or so, there has been a notable rise in the number of people facing from sexual dysfunction. There are many cause which could trigger sexual dysfunction; hence it is important to keep yourself updated about different aspects of sexual dysfunction. The moment you feel that sexual problems have started surfacing in your Sexual life, without any delay, seek the advice of Sexologist in Delhi.

There has been a hard change towards the approach of sexual dysfunction, there are many people who still prefer not to discuss this aspect of health. And, in the entire process of keeping things to themselves, they fail to understand that dysfunction is only persisting. When it comes to dealing with sexual dysfunction, it is extremely important to understand that communication is the key to overcome most of the dysfunction. Talk to your partner about the dysfunction you are suffering as there is high possibility that you two together might deal with it. The more you talk and communicate with each other, higher the chances of overcoming and solving the dysfunction.

When it comes to searching the sexologist as it will help you get the right and effective treatment. Experienced sexologist Doctors know that identifying the underlying reason of sexual dysfunction is extremely important. Hence, before starting with the treatment they run comprehensive body check-up and discuss problem with the patient. Staying sexually fit is as important as being healthy overall. Instead of ignoring sexual dysfunction and problems, it is recommended to seek the advice of Sexologist in Delhi who can prescribe right treatment to you.